How peppermint can help with exam revision


Are you revising for exams or know a friend or family member who is? We caught up with Shelley Baker, Clinical Aromatherapist consultant to Summerdown and asked her to share some tips on how our pure peppermint oil can really help provide clarity, focus and energy over the coming weeks which can be a stressful time for many.

Peppermint and stress relief

Shelley saysPeppermint can be an excellent choice of essential oil for stress. It helps a sense of focus and clarity enabling you to make decisions and get through your daily tasks/ to-do list more easily. It also has some wonderful pain relieving properties and is great diluted in a carrier oil or cream to help tension headaches”.

Whilst you’re revising

Shelley suggests putting one drop of Summerdown Peppermint oil on a tissue or in a vaporiser on your desk. “Peppermint is a fantastic essential oil to inhale for clearing your mind and giving you space to focus”. It’s difficult to take in all your notes when you’re unable to clear the mental fog, so inhaling the invigorating, crisp, fresh aroma or our pure English peppermint oil will help to clarify the mind. Additionally use our hand lotion whilst revising or in those revision breaks, take a few minutes to breathe deeply and relax. Stay off the caffeine, although it is a stimulant, this is often short lived and then leads to dips and loss of energy and concentration. Better to replace it with peppermint tea, (especially in the afternoon so the effects of caffeine don’t disturb your sleep too much) to perk you up. The tea has well known digestive benefits and is therefore perfect to calm tummies upset by nerves and anxiety.

Winding down

Sleep is crucial to memory and for keeping your immune system strong during this stressful time. It’s imperative to keep a strict bedtime routine and have time to wind-down your mind. Don’t be tempted to burn the candle at both ends; it’s counter-productive to work too late in the evening. Pour yourself a bath with Summerdown’s peppermint & lemongrass bath soak and say goodbye to the day’s stresses. Let this aromatic bath soak clear your mind and ease your body.

Before the exam

Shelley suggests massaging our soothing hand lotion into your hands just before the exam; it will restore calm when nerves are kicking in and the smell will help memory recall of your revision notes.

Best of luck, The Summerdown team

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