The Farming Community Network

Summerdown & FCN pull together to support Britain's farmers

In some happy news, we're delighted to announce we've teamed up with charity the Farming Community Network (FCN) to help support farmers across Britain. At a time when the farming industry is increasingly aware of the need to support farmers and with 2020 marking the 25th anniversary of both Summerdown and FCN, it seems the perfect time to forge this relationship. We've pledged to help spread the word about FCN initiatives through our website, marketing initiatives and relationships with some of Britain’s best farm shops. As a farm team who understands the need to adapt and farm for the future, we also want to support farmers by sharing our own personal experience of weathering change and recognising the need for diversification. Farmers are being tested and challenged all the time and FCN’s newly launched online resource hub, Farmwell, offers an abundance of information to help those members of the farming community who need it most. Ian, our farm manager said: “The support that FCN provides to the country’s farming community is invaluable and we’re proud to partner with such a forward thinking charity. FCN’s Farmwell resource is a brilliant hub for building personal and business resilience. Farming isn’t easy, but, if we adapt to change and embrace it, we can turn it into a positive. We want to help FCN reach more farming communities to spread the word about their brilliant work and ultimately help FCN raise more funds.”
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