How to get the best out of your home fragrance

With the growing popularity of home fragrance, we asked the lovely Catherine who hosts our fairs and events if she would share some of her trade secrets with us. IMG_3545 We’re pretty proud of our best-selling reed diffuser because we know from our customers that it not only fills the air with the scent of the English countryside, but it lasts much longer than many other diffusers out there. But it is possible to make it last even longer:
  • When you first open your diffuser, only use half the reeds – save the others for future use
  • Remove the stopper and place the reeds in the diffuser- KEEP the stopper somewhere safe
  • After 4-7 days, remove the reeds and place them in a pretty glass jar and replace the stopper in your diffuser. The reeds will keep on working. Then on a weekly a basis you can swap the jar with the diffuser and so on – it will last double the time. It also allows the reeds the chance to dry out a little and prevents them from becoming clogged up
  • Also, don’t forget to keep your diffuser out of direct sunlight and heat – the sun will quickly dry up the oil
On to candles. Apparently it’s not just me that ends up with candles with a big hole in the middle! Unsightly, and it means you burn the candle far too quickly. But there’s an easy way to avoid this. When you light a candle, make sure it burns for long enough for the wax to burn (melt) out to the side each time – e.g. if you blow it out when it hasn’t reached the side – it will only ever burn downwards and not outwards. Don’t forget to use the gorgeous silver lid that comes with our candles to put your candle out, as this avoids any smoking when you extinguish your candle. Our candles are made with soy wax for a longer burn time anyway, but this tip will keep them looking pretty and you’ll get far more use out of them. Thank you Catherine!
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