Jennifer Hirsch Dip. Hort Kew - The Beauty Botanist is smitten by Summerdown hand lotion

Putting an experience into words

When The Beauty Botanist first discovered Summerdown products in her local farm shop, she was impressed enough to get in touch with us directly through the Summerdown website. So we sent her some more products from our collection to try, and asked her for her overall impression.

We're delighted that with the expertise developed through her work at Kew Gardens, Jennifer recognises that it is our Black Mitcham mint that makes Summerdown unique. In the description below she has captured the essence of our collection and expressed it so well.

If this description makes you want to try our hand lotion for yourself, and share this experience you can find it in our shop here

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"Memory and sense of smell are intertwined – it is why smell, more than any other sense, is exceptionally personal. And mint’s aroma is so widely known, evocative of specific foods or places, and yet indescribable beyond being fresh and…well, minty. The complex fragrance at the heart of the Summerdown range turns that perception on its head. Ruth Mastenbroek has woven notes together in an intricate blend that is at once fresh and gourmand, sparkling and darkly mysterious. And it’s constructed around single estate Black Mitcham peppermint. The combination has me smelling my hands again and again…going back for more Summerdown bliss.

As a botanist, I’m driven by the difference plants can make at the core of products. Difference to skin, yes, but also to the communities that grow them and to the wider planet. The story of a plant so associated with the area where it was grown that it carries its name, lost from agriculture there and then returned, hooked me. To find it at the core of a delicious fragrance, and then encapsulated in formulations powered by skin-saving plant ingredients renews my faith. Faith that a great ingredient, sensitively handled, respected and understood, can be a game changer. This is mint, but not as you know it. It’s Black Mitcham peppermint."

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