Do you know what's in your products?

Woman applying cream Isn't it funny how at this time of year we’re all so aware of the ingredients in our food and what we’re putting into our bodies, yet, we don’t apply the same stringent attitude to the products we put onto our bodies? How often do you see someone standing in the beauty aisle checking the ingredients label on the back of a body lotion or bath soak? Or hearing your friends chat about the amount of sulphates or parabens in their daily shampoo? Ok so that would be a bit odd, but we all do it about calories in our food don’t we! Well finally it appears that the message is getting through to us all and that UK women are becoming much more conscious of what they’re applying to their bodies, demanding more choice and willing to pay more too for natural and quality products. Here at Summerdown we’re a little bit obsessed about ingredients, and have worked tirelessly to create a high quality Body, Bath and Home collection that is as natural as possible. We’ve been growing Black Mitcham mint and distilling the highest quality peppermint oil at our Hampshire Farm, since the 1990s. The oil is recognised around the world for its fine character and quality. Leading perfumer Ruth Mastenbroek used this peppermint oil and lemongrass to create our unique core fragrance which contains nearly 50 percent high quality natural oils. Naturally invigorating , the Summerdown body collection doesn’t contain sulphates, parabens, PEGs and petrochemicals. And all products are derived from over 96 percent natural content such as shea butter, aloe vera, macadamia nut oil and borage seed oil. So when you’re next in the shower, take a quick look at what’s in your shower gel. You may well be surprised.

Quick Q&A

What are Parabens? They’re the most widely used preservatives used in personal care products. There’s been a lot of research in recent years into whether they can be harmful for your health, with possible links to carcinogenicity. Whilst the research goes on, we’d rather keep them out of our products. What are sulphates? Sulphates are found in many cosmetic and household products and make them foam – you know when you get a really good lather on your shampoo? Although there has been no hard evidence to say they’re seriously bad for your health, they are known to dry out skin, cause irritation and cell damage. What are PEGs? PEG isn't a single ingredient but a class of ethylene glycol polymers that moisturize, keep products stable, and enhance the penetration of other ingredients, both good and bad. While PEGs can be mild irritants, they're less than desirable primarily because they can harbour other nasties. What are petrochemicals? Synthetic substances derived from petroleum found in many cosmetics. Not only irritating for your skin but also harmful to the planet.
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