Make mint & lavender bath salts at home

We were delighted to be part of Country Living magazine's 'Celebrate Summer at home' event this weekend. On 8th and 9th August, Country Living brought their readers and fans a line-up of fun, inspiring, hands-on activities to get involved in at home – from foraging for the perfect G&T, to making the perfect at home cinema. Summerdown were invited to take part, and we teamed up with our Consultant Aromatherapist Shelley Baker, to bring you a cooling peppermint & lavender bath salt recipe, which you can easily make at home and is just perfect for gifting (although it's so good, we wouldn't advise giving it away!) You can watch the whole video and download a PDF of the recipe here. Tips: It's a great one to keep the kids and Grandchildren entertained in the holidays If you'd prefer not to have a messy bath afterwards, don't add the dried peppermint & lavender!
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