Meet Jo & discover what makes him tick

Continuing our ‘meet the team’ profiles, please meet Jo who heads up our Sales & Marketing team and is Grandson of our founder, Sir Michael Colman.

Jo joined the family business 5 years ago, having started his career in politics and then followed his passion for all things food, working at Jude's Ice Cream, our friends and fellow Hampshire B Corp.

Jo recently joined Warren Munson on the Evolve to Succeed Podcast, where he talks about growing up on the farm, working in the family business, the sustainability measures in place at Summerdown and generally what makes him tick. If you have time, we strongly recommend you listen over a cup of your favourite peppermint tea, as it really will help you understand why we’re doing what we do.

For a shorter, 5 minute, quick-fire intro to Jo - take a long at his Q&A below.

What's your favourite Summerdown product?

Milk bar or camomile tea or no, actually peppermint tea (we should have also added that Jo can be indecisive to the intro!)

What's the most interesting fact you've learnt whilst at Summerdown?

That every mint plant growing on the farm is directly related to the very first cutting we cultivated in my Grandparents' kitchen garden over 30 years ago

Your favourite place on the farm?

Depends on the season - but the woodland always holds a special place in my heart

Your favourite herb?

Black Mitcham peppermint of course

Do you have a favourite piece of farm machinery?

Our brand new custom-built distillery

What's your favourite food?

Steak, but it has to be from a British reared, pasture finished cow

What do you most enjoy about working at Summerdown?

Working with every member of the phenomenal team (promise we didn't bribe him!)

And the worst part?

Being so dependent on weather!

Spring, summer, autumn or winter?

All of them. Seasons are such a beautiful mystery - everything has a time and seasons remind me of this

Night in or out?

Though I love trying new restaurants, I would have to say a night in. I love cooking - so my ideal night in is something simple - like a steak on the BBQ, listening to music, drinking a camomile negroni and playing cards with my wife Lucy

Home cooked food or a takeaway?

Home-cooked definitely

Coast or countryside?

I'd have to say countryside, although I do love walking the South West Coastal path

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