Meet Jules

Continuing our ‘meet the team’ profiles, please meet Jules who some of you may have have spoken to on the phone about Summerdown or met at the Country Living fair. Jules is responsible for developing our network of brilliant stockists and sharing the Summerdown story far and wide - when you see Summerdown in your favourite shop, that's down to Jules!

Jules spent 12 years travelling the globe working in the Travel & Events industry before joining the family business (she's Jo's sister-in-law) just over 4 years ago.

What's your favourite Summerdown product?

It's so hard to choose. I think it would have to be our Peppermint Tea - something I drink every night and it never disappoints. Winning our BBC Food and Farming Award for this product just highlighted how wonderful it is. Chocolate wise, it would have to be our Heritage Peppermint Crisp Discs. Delicious!

What's the most interesting fact you've learnt whilst at Summerdown?

Black Mitcham peppermint isn't like other peppermint plants. It is far more fickle and takes lots of love and nurturing. I applaud our fantastic farming team for looking after our many (many!) peppermint fields so lovingly for over 25 years.

Favourite place on the farm

Summerdown is beautiful all year round and there are so many places I've enjoyed but there is one particular walk which I love, taking you from the estate office, through the woodland on the farm and then pops you out to a beautiful view of the fields across the estate. There are few places more stunning. If I'm really lucky one of the farm peacocks will be around taking in the view as well!

Favourite food (apart from our Heritage crisp discs!)

I think it would have to be our homemade pizzas. It's become quite the family favourite and great for dinner party sharing.

What do you most enjoy about working at Summerdown?

Working with all our fabulous stockists up and down the country. Learning about what sets them apart and working in partnership with them to make Summerdown an integral part of their offer to customers.

And the worst part?

Working remotely is great, but I would love to be down at the farm more often - the M25 isn't always my friend!

Spring, summer, autumn or winter?

All of them and particularly when it changes from one to another.

Box set or cinema?

Box sets - everytime - I'm always asking for suggestions.

Home cooked food or a takeaway?

Home cooked food by my husband Ed - as he is a great cook so it's always delicious.

Coast or countryside?

I love the outdoors so both make me happy for different reasons, but I would have to go for the beach as whether it's cold and you get blown away, or the sun is shining, I always come home feeling refreshed.

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