The Teams Favourites

This week we’ve enlisted the help of the Summerdown team to make your decision process even easier. If you’re not sure which of our products to try, below they share their favourites and explain why.

We may all have different taste buds and noses, but one thing’s for sure – you’ve got to love peppermint to work here!

“I love the balance of chocolate and soft fondant filling.”
“I love the dark chocolate with the crispy crunch of the sugar.”
“It really fills a room with our gorgeous uplifting fragrance as well as adding ambiance.”
“It smells divine and is a lovely relaxing aroma to have around the home.”
“It’s a brilliant natural way to keep bugs and pests away.”
“It wakes me up every morning.”
“You can’t beat our original  peppermint creams.”
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