Tis the season.... of relaxing long soaks

Autumn hails the unofficial start of the bath season so here are Summerdown's six steps to the perfect bath time experience.

  1. Prioritise self-care. Find 30 minutes to yourself – you can’t rush a bath. Either at the end of the day before your evening starts, or just before bed. If you’re not a great sleeper, a relaxing bath can really help
  2. Run a bath and pour in Summerdown lemongrass & mint bath soak. Formulated to be non-irritating, our bath soak is enriched with aloe vera to soothe and replenish your skin, leaving it soft and silky after a long, relaxing soak.
  3. Get the right temperature for you. Too hot and you’ll find yourself over-heating and feeling light-headed, too cool and you’ll be shivering within five minutes!
  4. Make sure you’ve got a drink to hand - either water, or, we find a cup of Summerdown peppermint tea is very refreshing and the peppermint instantly de-stresses
  5. Get a towel or bath pillow ready so you’re comfortable
  6. Light a Summerdown lemongrass & mint candle. Poured in a glass jar, with a silver lid, our candle is made with soy for a longer burn time. Let the scent of Summerdown restore mind and body. Enjoy.
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