Our Valentine's Survival guide

Yikes it's that time of year again. Whether you're a romantic or not (did you know 59% of men don't believe there's a point to Valentine's Day!?), there's no getting away from red roses and over-priced restaurants on 14th February! So here's our survival guide...

Be my Valentine?

Do you remember receiving a blank card and guessing who the sender was? This tradition came from our Victorian friends who felt it was 'bad luck' to sign their name. We weren't surprised to discover a growing number of people now send Valentine's Day messages via social media and text - totally removing the romance behind the day. But still, us British aren't a totally cold bunch - 65% of the UK still exchange Valentine's Day cards. If you're looking for something a bit different, try personalising yours at www.moonpig.com or www.notonthehighstreet.com



The next best thing to a Spa break - using Summerdown at home

It's no surprise, that women started thinking about Valentine's Day on the 1st February whilst most men leave it to the last minute and panic buy on 14th February. Which may explain why men spend on average £40 on presents, and women less at £25 - that old adage of 'throwing money at the problem'. Now we all love receiving flowers, but perhaps it's time to think about something a bit more original and lasting. When surveyed, women still like to be 'spoiled' on Valentines, with 27% wishing for a holiday, 17% for a car (strange?!) and 15% for a spa treatment. Jewellery follows closely behind at 13% and contrary to what many men think, lingerie only making it in at 3%. Sadly we're not all luckily enough to be whisked away on a Mr & Mrs Smith romantic break for two, and the Summerdown team can't quite get our heads around the car statistic, but we CAN help with the Spa treatment - in the comfort of your own home. Just drop a couple of hints to your partner that Summerdown has all the ingredients for an at-home spa experience; aromatic candle, indulging and relaxing bath soak, rich moisturising body lotion and a refreshing cup of peppermint tea. And if they needed any further persuasion that Summerdown is the PERFECT Valentine's Day gift.....according to the ancient Greeks, peppermint is an aphrodisiac! Medically confirmed or not, it is widely known that peppermint is a potent stimulant for both mind and body.

How to celebrate - in or out?

Couple having drinks in bar

Uhhhh....this is a little bit awkward

Though Valentine's Day remains one of the most popular eating-out occasions in the UK, many people prefer to avoid the awkward 'sitting next to a couple who don't utter a word to each other whilst a guy is trying to sell you a single rose for £10 in a ridiculously over-priced restaurant' moments and opt to enjoy a relaxing night in with a special meal in the comfort of their own home. If you're going down this route, make sure you set the tone of the evening. Run a hot bath with our bath soak, and finish by lathering our rich body lotion all over to smell gorgeous. Turn off the television, light our aromatic candle and lay a beautiful table. Now what to eat? If you really want to spoil your partner (or be spoiled yourself) then Delicious magazine has a prepare ahead Valentine's Day menu. Alternatively, if like us you want to truly relax on Valentine's night, then look for a delicious ready meal. Waitrose and M&S have their 'Dine in' special menus for £10-£15. Otherwise the Summerdown team love a bit of Charlie Bighams when we can't be bothered to cook, and they feel special enough for an occasion like this. Don't forget to end your meal with some scrummy Summerdown chocolates tesco-valentines-deal

Check out Supermarket 'Dine in for two' offers

Going out

If you have decided to eat out (or are being taken out) make sure that you've booked ahead - there is nothing worse than traipsing around looking for somewhere and finding yourself eating outside in February under an outdoor heater with a blanket in the only available 'al fresco' space, or sitting in a Fast food joint under strip lighting. You may not be too late to book an extra special restaurant - here's a guide to the UK's most romantic restaurants Strapped for time getting ready? Need an instant pick-me-up to get you in the mood? Jump into the shower and feel invigorated with our body wash. Then lather on our rich body lotion containing shea butter to leave your skin feeling oh so soft- and voila- you're ready to go.... download (1)

Shower with Summerdown to banish the days stresses and prepare yourself for an evening out

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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